Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Busy Busy Busy

Still raiding and still 13/14, with an 8% wipe in the final phase. It's been tough as we've had some churn in our raid team. We still seem to be perpetually short a healer, and hit or miss on a replacement DPS.

I was able to boost all but one character to 85 with the RAF bonus, and recently added another 90 to my growing collection. Most of the leveling was done in pugs, with some questing to bring in some gold. The majority of the pugs were uneventful, with some minor exceptions.

For some reason, Shado-Pan Monastery seems to be a headache most of the time. Either an overzealous tank will pull too many sha after the first boss, people face-pull adds on the run to the last boss, or DPS ignore the mechanics of the final boss.

When I finally hit 90 on my druid, I was able to get him decked out in a full set of timeless gear and a 484 BOA weapon. I was just under the ilevel for the latest LFR, so I queued for Thorne of Thunder. The first boss when down without issues, and then the fun started.

After the first wipe on Horridon, both tanks dropped along with half the raid. The wipe was mainly caused by  the tanks not talking and leaving the adds to run free. There were few DPS with me on the adds as well. The second wipe happened because one of the tanks dropped group after the pull. Asshole. Wipe three was all about add management, again. Most of the group dropped at that point, and I think I was one of only two people from the original group at that point.

With twenty new people, the rest of the run when smoothly. No loot for me, so off to the next wing. Tortos went down quickly, even though someone pulled the boss before the last group of adds were down. I saw a ranged attack hit him, but couldn't tell which idiot did it. The run to Mags was PULL ALL THE THINGS! Boss down. PULL ALL THE THINGS AGAIN!! Boss down, no wipes. Alas, no loot.

Original 11x90 server                                  
"new" team
Hunter  90                          
Death Knight 90
Rogue 90                          
Hunter 88
Mage 90                           
Rogue 86
Druid 90                            
Mage 87
Warlock 90                        
Druid 90
Priest 90
Warlock 86
Warrior 90
Priest 85
Paladin 90
Warrior 56
Shaman 90
Paladin 86
Monk 90
Shaman 86
Death Knight 65
Monk 86

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