Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The End is Nigh...

For Cataclysm, that is. I'm looking forward to leveling my main again. Over the course of the last month I've spent two weeks traveling for work, and my internet connection was just too laggy to do anything other than a few daily quests. I did manage to get some bucket list stuff done on my main when I was home; I finally finished up those Northrend quests and snagged the Loremaster title. I haven't been in the beta at all, even though I had an invite from the annual pass. I've been reading up on it a little on blogs and WoW Insider, but haven't delved too deeply into the details, so it will be a pretty fresh experience when the patch hits in two weeks.

I also rolled a few more alts over on Stubborn's server. I figured that I would roll a Death Knight, since it would be easier to catch up to his Warrior and help generate a little income to support the slew of alts I was likely to create. After running Wailing Caverns on my Hunter and winning the roll for the pet, I ran through several times on my Death Knight. I sold them on the auction house for 1500 to 2500 gold each, and had more than enough to support any expenses.

After running as DPS through level 75, I decided to pick up a tank spec on my DK. The last few pugs I ran cemented the decision. The first was a Violet hold run where the tank was completely clueless and eventually dropped group. The last was another VH run where the tank dropped group after starting the event. I stepped in to tank while waiting for another one to join us. I started getting a tank kit together after that, and setup a tank spec. I was able to get a nice relic by doing the PVP quests for honor over in Grizzly Hills. The place was deserted, and I had no problems soloing two or more elite mobs to retake the island. After retaking the lighthouse, I had enough honor to pick up the relic and the tanking cloak. I hit the auction house and was able to pick up a few pieces of tanking plate on the cheap.

The first two runs I made were both Violet Hold again, which was nice because the pace of the dungeon is already set. Both runs went smoothly, and I was able to get used to my tanking technique. The following run was Halls of Stone, which got off to a shaky start when one of the DPS stood too close to where the first patrol walks. I was able to quickly round them up, and the remainder of the run went fairly smoothly. I ended the week at 77, slowly catching up to Stubborn's now level 80. I'll make a few more WC runs to get enough gold to pick up some Cata greens, which should help make up the lack of heirloom equipment I have on this server.

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  1. You know, I feel bad that I basically vanished from WoW right as you were catching up to me. I don't know if you finished that DK to 85 or not, but I haven't logged into 5.0 yet and am interested in doing so, so if you want to coordinate a bit and knock out those last few levels, I'd be all up for it. Let me know!