Monday, January 7, 2013

A new year begins...

Prior to the holidays, my WoW time was mainly logging on to each character that was parked on the farm and harvesting the day's crop. I managed to get all of my Alliance toons, save my Monk, over to Halfhill and set up with a little four plot farm. My two 90s (Hunter and Death Knight) had the full farm. I had actively worked on getting the farm on my Hunter, but my DK reached exalted with the Tillers almost exclusively through farming. If I had time, I would do the Klaxxi daily quests on my Death Knight. When I finally reached revered and was able to buy the rep boost, I started playing on my Hunter again. The difference is amazing. I was dreading doing the rep game across my alts, but after running through the quests that led up to the Klaxxi dailys I was already at revered. I hit exalted so quickly that I was able to spend time getting my main to revered with the Golden Lotus, which is starting to open up more daily quests. I even started checking out that Operation Shieldwall thing.

All of my farmers working tirelessly provided me with enough cooking mats to finish leveling my cooking skills. Now that that is complete, it's all about using the crops to generate tokens. With my two 90s planting enigma seeds and the others planting the daily crop, my production line is working smoothly. I was originally using my DK to farm motes, which I used to make living steel. The market was always hit or miss, but I did make some profit. With so many gems and golden lotus in stock, I started making primal diamonds. Because I had been running my jewelcrafter though several pugs, I had a slew of cuts. They were selling like crazy.

With my new bankroll, I treated my main to a nice crafted chest off the auction house. With that purchase, and the VP legs from the Klaxxi, I was able to queue for the first raid. It went quite well, with only one or two wipes. I picked up a nice set of bracers from the first boss, and got the bow off the last boss with a bonus roll.

I went back to the auction house and turned some of the jewel profit into mats for my scribe. I had been creating scrolls every day, and used them to craft darkmoon cards. I ended up with three complete decks, and some doubles. I sent one deck to my Hunter, and put the other two up for sale. I saw a nice upgrade for my Hunter's green gloves which bumped my item level to 469, just shy of the next raid. I had actually capped my valor, leaving my just short of upgrading one of my epics to put me at 470. I'll just have to wait until next week.

I had shied away from pug runs with my Monk, and stuck to questing after the last few horrid runs. I hit 58 last night, and I will have to manually select Ramparts for my pugs for fear of getting one of the older dungeons using the random setting. Off to Outland I go!


Hunter 90
Death Knight 90
Rogue 87
Priest 85
Mage 86
Druid 88
Warlock 85
Warrior 85
Paladin 85
Shaman 85
Monk 58

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