Monday, December 30, 2013

There and Back, Again

Here it is, at the end of the year, when I finally get back to my long neglected blog. I have finally figured out a workaround which will enable me to post again. A lot has happened since my last entry, both in and out of game. Since this is just a gaming blog, we’ll stick with WoW news.

When I last posted, my raid group had two more lockouts to try and down the final boss of ToT before the new patch. Our main tank was unavailable for the first night, but we were able to get a sub from our mega-guild that had downed the boss previously. The night was just one wipe after another. Our normal tank was back on the next night, and we got him on our first attempt. Our “casual” raid team was “Ahead of the Curve” at last!

We’ve been raiding on pretty much our normal schedule, even though we are now two healers short of a full time team. We are, however, 11 of 14 in the new raid.

My 11x90 is finally complete! I finished up my Monk last week, and with the Timeless Isle drops most of the characters can get into the latest LFR. The few that can’t are only about 10 ilevels from being able to queue for it.

I decided to take advantage of the current sale and start up a multi-boxing group again. I did this for two reasons – one is to get the latest recruit a friend mount, and the other is to boost the “new” 11x90 team. I miss having access to my own ‘personal guild’ of max level characters on my raiding main. I’ll post a guide for boosting teams soon – I’ve been taking notes this time. Things have changed since the last time I did this, and figuring out the optimal route is a fun pastime for me.

Original 11x90 server                                  
"new" team

Hunter  90                          
Death Knight 90
Rogue 90                          
Hunter 55
Mage 90                           
Rogue 42
Druid 90                            
Mage 42
Warlock 90                        
Druid 70
Priest 90
Warlock 40
Warrior 90
Priest 33
Paladin 90
Warrior 18
Shaman 90
Paladin 16
Monk 90
Shaman 24
Death Knight 65
Monk 21

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