Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cry Havoc!

Blackrock Depths of Hell was originally going to be published yesterday, but I was mentally debating the issue of publishing the names of the guilty. I decided that any calling-out will be reserved for the most egregious pug behavior - not just everyday pug annoyances. Some things can be taken out of context when you don't have all the facts. I've clicked on my UI and been dropped from a group, accidently clicked the wrong thing, and like everyone else I've been a new player.

I've also played roles that are out of my comfort zone, such as tank and healer. You can be a veteran player in one class or role, and still be a total newb outside of that experience.

I didn't play at all last night since most of my add-ons were in need of updating and I was too tired to deal with any post-patch issues. I have three WoW accounts; I occasionally multi-box and play with my kids on the other two. Now that 4.1 is live, I'll be able to send my heirloom items to my other 20 alts which will no doubt provide me with plenty of material for this blog.

Let slip the alts of war!

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