Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Two More

On Sunday night I was too tired to do any serious playing, so I decided to finish leveling my second profession on my druid. I managed to get to Professional Grand Master picking herbs before Walking Dead was over. Two more hours on Monday night capped my profession and put me over the top to 85. The next night I picked up a blue helm at the JP vendor to replace my heirloom one, equipped my rings from the Headless Horseman and my Brewfest trinket, and did the Thrall quests for a new cape and the intro Firelands Dailies. I will most likely try to keep up with the firelands dailies on the druid and keep healing 5-mans.

My mage was a bit further away from 85, and required a few dungeon runs. The first was in Stonecore after a 30 minute queue. One of the DPS remarked how much he hated this dungeon and dropped group. Enjoy your queue time, I guess. It was one of the smoothest runs in that dungeon I've ever had. We didn't even have any issues with the hallway before Ozruk. Managing about two runs a night, with the dungeon being either Stonecore or Vortex Pinnacle, I hit 85 on my mage. Only one run had a jackass, and he was quickly kicked for pulling additional groups from behind us several times and doing craptacular DPS.

My little gnome warlock will be 85 soon, and I can turn my attention to the last three: my prot warrior, prot pally, and my restro shammy.

Hunter 85
Deathknight 85
Rogue 85
Priest 85
Mage 85
Druid 85
Warlock 84
Warrior 65
Paladin 61
Shaman 33

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