Monday, November 28, 2011

Cooking up a Storm

Due to the holidays and some out of game events, my play time was limited over the past weeks so little progress was made on my 10x85 project. I did, however, manage to level my cooking on all my characters using the holiday event. I am also going to be temporarily suspending two of my accounts until after the holidays, so I had some professions to switch around. I needed a blacksmith on my main account and I had enough mats to powerlevel my warrior up to 295 before running out of thorium. A quick flight around Un'Goro netted the last 150 that I needed. I remember what a pain it was to try and mine that up pre-WOtLK.

I did have a few dungeon runs of note. While running Underbog on my paladin, there was an asshat deathknight. We weren't at the first boss before the healer asked him to stop pulling. I eventually initiated a kick after the second boss when he kept pulling wasps even though the healer was out of mana. A nice DPS plate helm dropped on the next boss - sucks for him. I have very little tolerance for people that have a class that can tank, queue as DPS, and pull like they are the tank. If you want to tank, get a tank spec and tank. The queue is instant instead of 30-45 minutes, and you'll get kicked a lot less. I don't understand what kind of jackass mentality these people have.

I had an interesting run on my shaman. This is my first shaman I've ever really played, and I've been leveling it as a healer. I just got chain heal, which brings my healing toolkit up to three healing spells plus earthshield. As we are making our way through Scholomance, we end up with most of the first room down the staris being pulled at once. Somehow I manage to keep everyone up. In the next room, we start the fight against Kirtonos with the hunter locked out of the room. Around halfway through the fight, the tank gets launched off the balcony and out of the instance. We have a plate DPS (I don't remember if it was a pally or a warrior) that I'm able to keep up, and eventually Kirtonos dies before I'm completely out of mana. We finished the run on a fairly brisk pace, and I managed to get two levels out of the single run. I may have to swap out the healing totem for the mana totem until I get a few more healing spells.

Hunter 85
Deathknight 85
Rogue 85
Priest 85
Mage 85
Druid 85
Warlock 85
Warrior 71
Paladin 67
Shaman 43  

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