Friday, March 30, 2012

Reason #129 Why Friday is Better than Monday

I got an invite to help out in a "real" DS raid last week with one of my guildies friend's guild. They still had to PUG a few spots, and one of their guildies had never been in DS before (not even in LFR). The raid leader did a great job explaining the fights for him, which made my life easier as well (I had only done the LFR version). We easily cleared the first four bosses, and scheduled the next half for Monday. I logged in early on Monday to do a few daily quests, and noticed severe lag and had several disconnects. I reset all my equipment, but it didn't make any difference. I checked the forums, and there were multiple posts about the issue. I added my tracert log to the list, and by the time the raid was starting I was still having issues. I let the raid know about my issues, and we still gave it a shot. Even though I could manage the button boss on Ultraxion with the lag, the constant disconnects were killing me. I had to bow out of the raid. Mondays just plain suck.

I'm still running my level 85 alts through DS every week, and the loot drops were a little sparse this week. I also ran a few dungeons on my lowbies over the weekend. I tanked a few on my pally, and then switched to DPS. I just didn't feel like dealing with the idiots while trying to tank. I'm not the only one. I was in DPS mode when our tank dropped group in Halls of Stone because the huntard kept pulling. I was able to pick up the strays and keep it from being a wipe, but this hunter was a total tool. I wasn't able to kick him, but I did put him on ignore. On another run, I was with three people from the same guild. Things were going pretty good until the end of the run. While the other pug and I were trying to turn in the dungeon quests, they kicked us. I guess they wanted to queue up again and didn't want to wait the minute it would take to let us get our quests done. I must have neglected to put them on ignore, because I ended up with them again a few groups later. I made sure that I added them that time.

Another tank cracked, this time in LFR. For some reason, chain pulling and starting fights while buffs and rezzes are happening seems to be getting more and more common. Starting fights while the rest of the raid isn't present is starting to happen as well. When someone called the responsible tank out on it, he pulled a trash pack and dropped group. We easily handled the trash, and went on to finish the raid with no issues. Other than being a dick, the tank who tried to wipe us accomplished nothing. I guess some people are just assholes.

Hunter 85 i390
Deathknight 85 i384
Rogue 85 i385
Priest 85 i376
Mage 85 i382
Druid 85 i385
Warlock 85 i380
Warrior 80
Paladin 78
Shaman 77

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