Monday, May 14, 2012

Still Kicking

The real world has been a bit of a bear, with the past two weeks being the worst of it. I've been able to play a little in April and May, but not much. I've been on some really good PUGs, and even tanked a few successfully on my paladin. I've been seeing more fail than normal on LFR, most likely because I'm only running it once or twice a week if I'm lucky.

I tried, for the last time, to finish School of Hard Knocks on my hunter. The other players, even those on my side, were being less than helpful. Like going out of their way to make getting the achievement impossible. I have never enjoyed PvP, and this little bit of hell made me hate it even more. With the account-wide changes coming in MoP, I may try again on another character.

I have been getting closer to my 10x85 goal, with all three remaining toons pushing 84.

Hunter 85 i390
Deathknight 85 i387
Rogue 85 i385
Priest 85 i379
Mage 85 i386
Druid 85 i385
Warlock 85 i381
Warrior 83
Paladin 83
Shaman 83

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