Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ding x 3

Over the holiday weekend I finally managed to complete my 10x85 project! My warrior was the first, hitting 85 while questing in the Twilight Highlands. My paladin was next, questing through the same zone on the Horde side. My shaman was the last, running pugs as DPS and questing enough to hit the first level of shoulder enchants from Therazane (my paladin is a scribe, so no need for that grind again).

I hit the auction house and picked up a few items for my shammy, and then ran a regular heroic to pick up enough JPs to get a new relic and a trinket. By augmenting my gear with PVP items, it put my ilevel up high enough to queue for the new heroics. I managed to make it through all three without too much drama. Although I wasn't the best DPS, I know the fights and the trash leading up to the fights. And I can CC and interrupt without being prompted. I did get a few comments from one DPSer, but he spent most of the fights dead from failing to do the fights correctly so I was able to take solace in his fail.

Work is going to be a bear for a few weeks, so my playing and posting is going to be sparse.

Hunter 85 i390
Deathknight 85 i387
Rogue 85 i385
Priest 85 i379
Mage 85 i386
Druid 85 i385
Warlock 85 i381
Warrior 85 i322
Paladin 85 i318
Shaman 85 i364

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