Friday, February 22, 2013

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I started my revised schedule this week by going into LFR on my Druid. While waiting for the queue, I started running Golden Lotus and Shieldwall daily quests. The first half of MV went without a hitch. I had enough Valor to pick up a ring from the Golden Lotus quartermaster. I now had a high enough item level to queue for the entire LFR. The second half of MV didn't go very well. The boss wasn't too terrible, even though one of the tanks rushed in and was one-shot. We still managed to pull off a victory without wiping. Elegon proved a little tougher. On the first pull we had a few DPS fall down the hole. I wasn't expecting a tank to fall though. Same tank that had gotten one-shot previously. After another wipe where neither tank paid any attention to the adds, we somehow managed to down the boss. I had a feeling that there was no way we were going to down the final boss. After several wipes, it was getting late and I dropped group. If the tanks can't do the dance and the DPS won't kill the adds, it is just a waste of time.

I moved on to HoF the next day. The first half went quite well, and I picked up a new set of bracers from the second boss. I queued up for the second half and was met with disappointment. The group could not get past the second boss. It was getting late and I was getting tired. I logged for the night.

Last night was "interesting". I went back into the second half of Hof and we one-shot all of the bosses and I picked up the leg armor token. I went into Terrace and ran into the first real asshat of the week. I'm used to groups pulling both Sha on one side at the same time to save time, but this is the first time I've seen three being pulled. After the wipe, the bear tank was complaining about the healing and linked the healing meters. They were low, but I died before the tank due to lack of threat generated. I didn't pull threat, he just didn't have any. After the wipe, the tanks pull big again before everyone is buffed and knowing that healing is a bit low. We wipe again. The bear tank complains again about the healing done, linking the healing meters and going on about how he is a better healer. On the first boss, he actually changed over to his healing spec and healed the fight instead of tanking it. Enough people were sick of his antics and we finally kicked him.

The rest of the run went fairly smooth. We killed the next boss, and my Sha-touched staff dropped. On my first kill. Without using a bonus roll. I couldn't believe it. I have thirteen attempts on my Death Knight with no luck. First time through on my Druid and it drops. Go figure. After the raid, I queue for a scenario and heroic to get closer to the valor cap. The scenario was a long one, and I was fading fast. The heroic popped up, and it was one I haven't done yet - the first part of the new Scarlet dungeon. This tank didn't have a clue either, and we wiped when he pulled everything. I dropped group and called it a night. I'm very close to capping valor, and should have it done early enough to make attempt fourteen on my Death Knight tonight.

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