Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Back to Killing Bugs

Our raid group has hit a roadblock in the new raid. We would go in and kill Jin'rokh, sometimes with a wipe due to an unlucky focused lightning. We would then take care of the lovely trash mobs before wiping on Horridon for the rest of the night. The second raid night would be more wiping on Horridon, with the bonus of killing the trash mobs again. We tried multiple strats, and settled on one that showed the most promise; I would tank the boss the entire time and our raid leader/main tank would take the adds from the doors. Between doors while the boss was stunned, one of the paladins would bubble me to reset the triple puncture stacks.

It worked quite well, as our main tank is more experienced and can pick up all of the adds better than I can. I was able to focus on using my cooldowns as the stacks built, and keeping the boss in the proper general area. The only issue we were having was that the adds weren't going down fast enough and by the time we got to the third door, we would get overwhelmed and wipe. With one hour left on our raid, the raid leader made the command decision to go back to HoF and get a few more items for our raid team. I think that we all agreed that it was the best course of action.

We entered HoF and one-shot the first two bosses. Garalon gave us some issues, and we wiped twice before calling it for the night. We came back on the second night and two-shot him. We almost one-shot Mel'jarak, with a 3% wipe. After another wipe or two due to people setting off wind bombs, we got our first kill. We moved on to Un'sok and wiped a few more times learning the fight. Another guild first kill, and I won tier gloves off a bonus roll. We had time to make a few attempts on the final boss before calling it for the night. We are keeping the raid lockout so we can get the last boss down and get into ToES.

I hopped into LFR after our raid for another shot at a Sha-touched weapon. I was hoping for some love from the RNG gods and I wasn't disappointed. Bracers from the first boss, trinket from the third, and the Sha dropped my weapon! It was a great week for loot, as earlier in the week I finally got Attumen to cough up his mount. I had been trying for the mount off and on for some time. It finally dawned on me that I had at least ten shots a week for it with all of my alts. I was rotating the through one at a time with no luck on my alliance characters. I made the trip over from Orgrimmar on my Tauren pally, and it finally dropped! Look out Kael'thas - you're next!

I had a few older items on my old main's bucket list that I took care of since my last post. When I first started raiding back in BC, my guild didn't make it very far past Kara. We would occasionally group up with another ten man guild and kill Gruul, but that is as far as we ever progressed. We had Naxx on farm and were progressing on Malygos before the guild imploded. When the achievement system started, I never got credit for Gruul. I had gone with members of my current guild and revisited most of the BC raids already, but Gruul and Mag were sitting there undone. Let's just say that as a 484 ilevel hunter, the hardest part of the fights was waiting on getting from one flight point to the next. Outland Raider finally complete, along with some old tier gear for transmog one day.


Hunter 90
Death Knight 90
Rogue 89
Priest 86
Mage 89
Druid 90
Warlock 89
Warrior 86
Paladin 85
Shaman 85
Monk 75

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