Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Our Raid Kills Bugs Dead

We had a mixed crew on our Sunday night raid, and the schedule was to kill Jin'Rokh and head over HoF and work on the final boss. Jin'Rokh went down after a wipe to a bad focused lightning drop, but otherwise he is on farm status. For HoF we had to swap out a few people due to raid locks and missing guildies. Our main tank moved over to healing, and we had a pug tank and a few other lineup changes. This is still a "new" fight for most of the raid, and it took us the rest of the night to finally get Shek'zeer down.

We moved on to ToES on Monday with our regular raid team. We did the "hard" version of the first fight for the 503 gear, and got it on the second try. Tsulong was a little harder, and took a few more attempts before beating him. We had some issues with Lei Shi, and spent the majority of our raid night on this boss. We finally managed to get a win and had a little time to spend on the final boss. We managed a few pulls, but couldn't get a group back from cackle before the next group was pulled. Overall though, it was a great couple of nights of progression for our guild raid team.

With the new wing of the new raid open, I'll be spending more time on my three level 90 characters in LFR and less time on my lower level toons. I'm going to try to run a dungeon per day on the level 89 ones and perhaps the others as well, but I'm going to have to play it by ear. The weather is getting warmer and life outside of WoW is calling.


Hunter 90
Death Knight 90
Rogue 89
Priest 87
Mage 89
Druid 90
Warlock 89
Warrior 87
Paladin 85
Shaman 85
Monk 75

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