Monday, June 10, 2013


50 attempts and Tortos finally went down. With the "One-Up" achievement to boot! We spent the previous (2 weeks ago) raid trying to down him, getting to about 20% on our best attempt. Last week, we started the second night on him, and downed in on the first pull which left us the entire night to work on Mags. We were getting almost through the last rampage before wiping on our best attempts. We came into this week with high hopes. We two-healed Jin and got him down before the third throw. Horridon also fell quickly. We tried to two-heal the council, but went back to three after having some issues with people standing in the bad too much. We got to Tortos, and he decided to slow us down. We did eventually get him down on the twelfth and final attempt of the night. Tonight is Mags again, and hopefully we'll get the kill.

My new army of alts is slowly but surely leveling, and I managed to get their main professions leveled up to 75 across the board so I could get the Darkmoon Faire profession quests done on them.

11x90                                   "new" team

Hunter 90                            Death Knight 90
Rogue 90                            Hunter 33
Mage 90                             Rogue 25
Druid 90                             Mage 18
Warlock 90                        Druid 23
Priest 88                             Warlock 15
Warrior 88                          Priest 15
Paladin 85                           Warrior 15
Shaman 86                          Paladin 16
Monk 84                             Shaman 16
Death Knight 61                  Monk 15

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