Wednesday, June 12, 2013

At the Halfway Point

We downed Mags on the third attempt, and then made our way through the next batch of "fun" trash to Ji-Kun. The big bird bit the dust on the fourth attempt, but just barely. I was the only one left alive, and I managed to utilize the few remaining cool downs that I had left to outlast the boss. Plus tier pants to boot! We had enough time left to get a few pulls on Durumu before calling it a night. We're now 6/12, and looking forward to possibly getting the raid finished before the next patch drops.

Last night I managed to get all of the world bosses done, and was back to getting nothing but gold again. Even with the bonus rolls on Sha and Gal. I had time to queue for LFR, and with my tank gear pretty squared away I can focus on my lacking DPS set. Zoned into wing four and got a fresh run for a change. Iron Qon - loot! Twin Consorts - loot! Lei Shen - loot! I hit the trifecta! No tier gear, but solid upgrades none the less.

I hopped on my new lowbie priest and queued for a LFD run before bed. I zoned into a Ragefire Chasm run already in progress. The tank seemed to be a little bit lost, which is expected in the lowest level dungeon. As he made his way around the loop of mobs that surround Slagmaw, the DPSers got bored and engaged the boss about 3/4 the way around. I was running back and forth healing both groups until the tank finally caught up with everyone else. The tank did eventually die, but only because he ran off the ledge and into the lava right after the boss died. Because I zoned in on a run in progress, I missed out on the quests. I wanted that sweet XP, soI manually selected the same dungeon and got a fresh run. Feeling a little more confident with this character, I started DPSing between shield cool downs. I ended up on in the number two spot, right behind the DPS warrior (who also had heirlooms)! These things are going to be crazy overpowered once we can use the good enchants in the next patch.

11x90                                   "new" team

Hunter 90                            Death Knight 90
Rogue 90                            Hunter 33
Mage 90                             Rogue 25
Druid 90                             Mage 20
Warlock 90                        Druid 23
Priest 88                             Warlock 15
Warrior 88                          Priest 18
Paladin 85                           Warrior 15
Shaman 86                          Paladin 16
Monk 84                             Shaman 16
Death Knight 61                  Monk 15

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