Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Last week we had to pug a tank and healer for raid night two due to real-life issues, so I had to take on the role of main tank. During the previous night, we had cleared up to Tortos. He still gives us problems with the bats and the turtles flying about. The fill-in tank didn't have any experience with Mags, but after a multiple attempts we were able to get the kill. We were debating going on to the next boss due to raid time getting short, but we decided to press on. Our reward for continuing was a nice shiny purple drop from the trash. We made a few attempts, but failed to get the boss down. We decided to lock the raid in order to get some real progression time with Dumuru.

This week we used the raid lock of our main tank, as there was still gear to be had from Mags. One attempt, one kill. Same with Ji-Kun. We spent the rest of the raid getting some quality time with Dumuru. By which I mean he repeatedly killed us, although we did get him further along with each attempt. On night two, we finally downed him. We blew through Primordious, getting him on the first attempt. Dark Animus initially kicked our respective tails, but we may have all the kinks worked out and should down him next week. We will again extend our lockout and try to get further into the Throne of Thunder.

I didn't spend a lot of time on my alts over the past two weeks. After running ToT in LFR on my main, I mainly rotated my other 90s and my Warrior (now 89 - Ding!) through the holiday boss for a shot at the pet and the capes while catching up with my Netflix queue.

 11x90                                   "new" team

Hunter 90                            Death Knight 90
Rogue 90                            Hunter 36
Mage 90                             Rogue 29
Druid 90                             Mage 22
Warlock 90                        Druid 24
Priest 88                             Warlock 20
Warrior 89                          Priest 21
Paladin 85                           Warrior 15
Shaman 86                          Paladin 16
Monk 84                             Shaman 19
Death Knight 63                  Monk 17

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