Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sometimes the Past Repeats Itself

Not unlike our Lei Shen kill, we spent the first raid night wiping to Garrosh again. On our second night, we one-shot him. It was poetry in motion. Nobody died to standing in bad, mechanics were handled, and massive DPS was, well, DPS'd. Obligatory screenshot was taken, and there was much rejoicing. The only downside was that our long-time mage wasn't with us for the kill. There will be other kills though, and we can start working on heroics now. Now that the pressure is off, we are going to kick back a bit. Our raid leader is doing the CTR podcast on our first raid night, and we will do a fresh run on normal to shake the rust off those earlier bosses on the second night, and perhaps do some achievements.

Big Damn Heroes

 I added another 90 to my group, hitting max level on my hunter. I was running what I hoped would be my last time in Siege of Niuzao Temple, and we were having a rough time. The tank was a little too under geared and inexperienced. Not even halfway through the Commander Vo'jak fight, and the battle-res was used and the tank down again. At around 50%, it was only me and the healer. With my pet on growl, I dropped down to the lower level. He killed my pet and made a beeline (pun intended) for me. I feigned death just as he got to me, and he turned back towards the healer. I quickly revived my pet and pulled him off the healer. Lather, rinse, repeat until he dropped. It felt like old times, back when my main was a hunter.

The tank and the healer eventually dropped after multiple wipes on General Pa'valak. I knew we were in real trouble when he was pulled with the adds in the middle still up. There would be no heroic come from behind victory with this boss. I was only able to feign death and wait for the rest of the group to corpse walk back to the instance. I did eventually hit 90 on this boss, and finished the run wearing the two timeless items in my pack. After the run, I got the rest of the gear out of storage and had 496 gear in every slot except neck, one trinket, and weapon.

I still have my notes from the recent RAF experience, and will most likely write up a little guide. I may also write up some basic leveling guides as well, since they seem to be few and far between as Stubborn noted.

Original 11x90 server                                  
"new" team
Hunter  90                          
Death Knight 90
Rogue 90                          
Hunter 90
Mage 90                           
Rogue 87
Druid 90                            
Mage 88
Warlock 90                        
Druid 90
Priest 90
Warlock 86
Warrior 90
Priest 86
Paladin 90
Warrior 56
Shaman 90
Paladin 86
Monk 90
Shaman 86
Death Knight 65
Monk 86

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