Friday, May 2, 2014

What happened to April?

I can't believe that it is already May. On the raiding front, we got another Gary kill and are 1/14 heroic with a Norushen kill. The bane of my existence, Children's Week, is upon us and I am still boycotting the School of Hard Knocks meta. Unless Blizz decides to drop it from the Long Strange Trip requirements, I will most likely never see the mount reward. Such is life.

The MoP leveling dungeon runs have been hit or miss; I have run quite a few with no issues. There have been a few that were difficult. I always cringe when I get the Shadow-Pan Monastery. The first half of the run always seems to go fine, and then starts to fall apart after the second boss. On my last run the group fell apart after two wipes on the trash mobs on the way to the Sha. I sat in the queue as the only remaining member of the party for about twenty minutes. When a new group finally reformed, we made it through to the end with no issues.

I finally reached exalted with the August Celestials on my tailor, and was able to make a few bags to sell. The bags still sell for a lot of gold on this server, and it was a much needed boost to my coffers. About half of the second team alts have reached max level on their professions, and I should be able to use them to feed my main characters raiding expenses and boost the rest of the professions on the others.

Original 11x90 server                                  
"new" team
Hunter  90                          
Death Knight 90
Rogue 90                          
Hunter 90
Mage 90                           
Rogue 88
Druid 90                            
Warlock 90                        
Druid 90
Priest 90
Warlock 87
Warrior 90
Priest 86
Paladin 90
Warrior 57
Shaman 90
Paladin 86
Monk 90
Shaman 86
Death Knight 67
Monk 86

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