Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I need to buy lottery ticket...

I wasn't going to have too much time to play on Monday night, but I figured I could get another level on my 73 shadow priest. I queued into Ahn'Kahet, and before I could say "hiya" someone shared the dungeon quest. We blew through the instance with nary a mistake or any kind of drama.

As I'm making my way from Stormwind to Dragonblight to turn in the quest, my second queue of the night pops and I'm standing in Azjol-Nerub. We proceed smoothly enough, although we almost run into trouble on Hadronox when the tank engages him before the adds were even slightly close to dead. The healer was a trooper and we had enough DPS to burn the boss down and then the adds. It turns out that it was the first time in the dungeon for the tank. We down Anub, and everyone throws out some thanks and nice job all.

I finally make it to the quest givers outside bugland, turn in my quest for Old Kingdom, and pick up the ones for Azjol. I queue up again and make my way to Dalaran. The queue puts me back in Old Kingdom for my third and final run of the night. I notice that the tank is the same one I had back in AN. Before the first pull I remind everyone to interrupt the spell-flingers, and we proceed to make our way to the first boss.

He drops easily enough, and for some reason the tank starts pulling the mobs outside on the ledge overlook the rest of the dungeon. I'm not complaining as I'm there for all the xp I can get. We make our way to the prince, and everyone goes up the main ramp without clearing the two add ramps. A friendly "over here" with a little map pinging gets things back on track.

We drop prince and the other two bosses without any issues, and I've reached 74. Three runs in a row, on a Monday night, with no drama, rudeness, AFK, or anything wrong. I should've started this blog years ago!

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