Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Update

This weekend was filled with a lot of real-life activities, with little spare time for WoW. I did some raiding on Friday, although we had to pug a few spots due to absent team members. We took down Magmaw, Omnomnom, and Maloriak. Our pug healer was able to pick up an upgrade, gratz! We made some attempts on Chimaeron. I spent some of Saturday getting the polymorph spell from the holiday vendors on my three mage alts. I logged onto my druid and hit the queue.

I zoned into the most bizarre SM Cathedral run I've ever done. The tank starts pulling a side at a time, and the priest DPS starts bringing over more adds. I'm thinking it's going to be a wipe, but we make it. the same thing happens on the upper level. I glance over at recount and notice the priest has done even less dps than me. WTF? The tank chain pulls into the cathedral, and we take on what seems to be the entire foyer. We clear out the wings and then drop the bosses. While waiting for the loot roll, I check out the spec on the priest, and she's a disc spec. I look over recount and see that while she did little to no dps, she healed just a bit more than I did. I was so confused after the run, I forgot to turn in the dungeon quest!

I ran Dire Maul on Sunday night on the same toon, and it wasn't too bad. The tank liked to outdistance the group, but it was manageable. I was almost out of mana at one point during a rather large pull, but I leveled up at a rather fortunate time. I mailed my heirlooms to my lowbie troll druid and picked up a few levels questing, as he's too low to queue yet. After that, I sent the cloak and trinkets to my shadow priest and queued up again.

The Old Kingdom loading screen appeared, and I knew that this one could be a pain even under the best of conditions. When I appeared before the first boss,  I knew it wasn't going to be nearly the best of conditions. The tank asks me in party chat how to get rid of the bosses shield, as they have been wiping several times. I explain about killing the add that spawns and causes the boss to become immune to damage. He pulls, dies rather quickly, and we wipe.

We run in again, buff up, he pulls. Things seem to be going ok. The guardian spawns, we start burning it down, tanks dies, and we wipe.

While I'm running in the tank gets in an argument over getting a rez. The healer drops group. We get another healer. We wipe one more time.

I decide to give it one more shot. We kill the boss. We make it down to the next level without pulling the patrol, and start clearing the trash. The tank tries to go up to Taldaram without clearing the two platforms, ignoring my advise about having to clear the platforms. We finally manage to get him over to the first platform. Just before the second one, the healer goes AFK with parent aggro. The tank still pulls, and we manage to burn down the mobs before he gets killed.

Our AFK healer drops group and we re-queue. The tank is about to pull the prince without a healer, "we got this, lulz", and my finger is hovering over the leave party icon when a new healer joins us. The tank pulls the boss just as the healer zones in. We manage to drop the Prince and move on. The tank, showing his lack of experience throughout, pulls haphazardly to Jedoga. We drop her and continue on to Volazi. We drop him and it's finally over. I decided to call it quits for the night.

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