Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rogue Rage

Having used up the rested bonus on my shadow priest, I moved on to my next character - the rogue. I queued for a run and watched a little TV while waiting. The first run of the night was Vortex Pinnacle. I have only ever run this one on my hunter, so the melee fighting was going to be a new experience for me. I also haven't played my rogue in quite a while either. I picked up the quests and waited for the first pull.

The tank and healer were quite good, and we didn't need any crowd control until the big packs later in the run. The warlock even summoned us some 'lock cookies at the start! We did wipe on Asaad once, when the healer died, but we downed him on the next attempt. I really need to start reading the quests a bit better, as I forgot to loot the first boss for the quest item.

My next dungeon would break my streak of non-fail pugs. You know you're in trouble when you pop in the middle of a fight. I found myself in the middle of the first trash pull in Stonecore. The tank bites the dust on the next trash pack and we wipe because the healer was feared. Everything is uneventful after that. We down the first boss, and the agility trinket drops. I roll need, and so does the warrior. Guess who wins. I may be wrong, but why would a warrior need an agility trinket?

We continue on, and we almost get killed when the tank pulls too much trash. Then our agile warrior accidently face-pulls another pat and we do wipe. He also drops group. As we (the healer and I) are running back, I see the healer veering a little too close to a trash pack near the entrance. I pop into stealth as he pulls the mobs. He eventually dies, as the tank is still dead and waiting for a rez (again - I don't think he ever ran in), the other DPS has dropped, and I don't feel like taking any more durability loss for someone else's stupidity. I make my way down to where the tank is and the healer comes back in and is almost there when the tank announces that he has to leave - "my mom needs the computer, I have to leave after you rez me". If I was the healer I would not have been kind. I added the agile warrior and the tank to my ignore list and left the group.

I was only half-way to 83 at this point, so I headed back to Hyjal to continue questing while queued. I pick up where I left off at the last portal (where you have to fight the big turtle) and quest until the queue pops. Blackrock Caverns loads. We wipe once on Steelbender when the tank doesn't get him completely out of the fire, but other than that it went pretty smooth. The tank died several times before we killed Beauty, mainly because he would go out of range of the healer and pull packs of trash. Here's a note to tanks - when all the dps and the healer are way over yonder, it's not time to pull unless you enjoy repair bills.

We killed everything else, and then I was back to questing. I ended up finishing Hyjal completely, and didn't ding 83 until I killed about six mobs in Deepholm. I trained, repaired, and called it quits for the night.

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