Monday, June 13, 2011

Tanks for the Memories

First off, just a comment to all those who tank the leveling dungeons. Most of you do a damn fine job, and I thank you very much. Some of you have some issues. I'm not talking about stuff like not knowing exactly what to do. I had a tank in Blackrock Caverns who wasn't very familiar with the place. It may have even been his first time there. He didn't know how to tank Steelbender. He did, however, take the advice given on how the pull should be done. And the advice was given nicely, even after we wiped the first time. The rest of the run was successful.

The issues I have with some tanks are the severe attitude problems that come from being a dick. I was in Zul'Farrak with my baby druid healer. The tank was at the high end of the level range, and pulled like an idiot. There was no time to loot anything, because if you stopped for a second, he was already off the mini-map. Several of us tried to ask him to slow down, but it was ignored. He also seemed to enjoy stroking his epeen and telling us how awesome he was.

During the gauntlet after releasing the prisoners, he jumped down into the mass of mobs and pulled them all. By using everything in my meager healing abilities, I was able to keep the jackass alive. Once the gauntlet was over and the prisoners were killed, he did a "gotta go" and dropped. If he did that while we were still in combat, it would have gotten his name posted up here. He was still a dick though, and I won't be healing him ever again. The replacement tank did a fine job, and we killed and looted everything else.

In other news, there must have been some guild drama when I was away. Several long-time raiders left the guild. The raid teams were also reorganized. I don't seem to have a spot any longer, which surprised me. It may work out well because of the upcoming summer months and various family obligations I have which are not very compatible to raiding, but it still saddened me a bit. I liked the people that left, and I really liked raiding with them.

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