Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Vacation

I spent very little time in Azeroth this week as I was too busy being lobsterfied at the shore. Most of the time not at the beach was spent getting sand from said beach off of and out of various parts of myself. I did bring my laptop with me, and one night when everyone else turned in fairly early I logged on.

I ran a few pugs on my 30ish druid tank. I don't tank very often lately, and it takes me a little bit to get into the groove. I really hate it when an overzealous DPS or healer decides to pull more. I usually let them get pretty low on health before I pull them off just out of spite. I don't get what the "gogogo" attitude is about, especially with DPS. Are you in a hurry to wait another 1/2 hour to get in to another run? Even the queue for heals is running around 10 minutes. After a few runs in Razorfen and SM and adding more names to my ignore list, I logged onto a mage and hit the queue.

I got The Nexus, and things seemed to start off ok. The tank liked to get way ahead of everyone all the time, and that did eventually cost us a wipe. We had just finished Telestra. The tank ignored the two optional pulls and started in on the group on the left. Just as the patrol joined the fray, the deathknight nooblet managed to pull both optional groups with him. They peeled off him as soon as we went past the healer, turning him into a stain on the floor. The tank and the rest of us followed shortly thereafter.

We came back in and I think the healer went AFK for a few minutes at that point. We made our way to Anomalus and lost the DKto a D/C along the way. Someone eventually kicked him before we got to the boss. As we started the pull, either the healer or one of the DPS spammed "don't kill the rifts" and "let’s get the achievement" before we let them know that was for heroic runs only. After the boss dropped, I guess the tank had had enough and left the group.

We get a new tank and almost get through the run without any problems. The healer needs another AFK before the last boss, but instead of going into Keristraza's room he stays in the outside hallway. Eventually a patrolling mob makes him go splat. After we're all done laughing about that, we drop the boss and my WoW withdrawal has been satisfied for the rest of my vacation.

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