Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Update

Nothing terribly exciting this weekend. I did level up a few more alts, reaching the Lifebloom milestone on one of my druids. I find druid healing through Burning Crusade content to be rather non-stressful. Before you get Lifebloom, it's just Rejuve and Nourish with the occasional Swiftmend and Wild Growth if things get pear-shaped. Once you get Lifebloom, keeping that and Rejuve on the tank is almost all that is needed. Adding free Regrowths when Omen of Clarity pops is the norm. Removing debuffs along the way when I can, it's pretty much ez-mode.

Once in a while you know you're going to be in for an exciting run. Not necessarily good exciting, but exciting none the less. As I zoned in, the tank exclaimed "finally, a good healer". At first I thought that I may have run with this particular paladin and appreciated the comment, but as he continued on with "last healer was a suck priest" and "I love druid healers" I realized I’ve never played with this tank before. This would be my first and last run with this tank.

We progress with no problems to the room with the first boss of Mana Tombs. He pulls the boss with half of the adds still alive, so they all come running. I manage to HOT up everyone before they all kill me dead, and they are able to kill everything and keep from wiping. After being rezzed by the tank, we continue on.

We come to the room with 2 mobs that fear, and the tank feels the need to pull the entire room. We get fear-bombed and eventually wipe. We run back in (by we I mean me and two of the DPS) and finish clearing the room with a more sensible pull. The tank disconnects. While we are waiting, we manage to clear most of the trash in the next room via CC, careful pulling,  and some well played DPS. I finally initiated a kick after it becomes clear that the tank isn't coming back. I also make sure to add him to my ignore list. We get a new tank and finish the run without any further issues. We even requeue and do another run.

I also did a run as a tank for a change. I recently got another piece of heirloom gear to complete the leather tank/DPS set, so I queued up on yet another druid (at least this one is a Worgen for a change). I get my most favorite dungeon, Gnomer. We get to the first ledge, jump down, and kill the first boss. After we make our way to the hallway down, between my tunnel vision from not having played a tank in a while and a WTF moment on the healer, I almost cause a wipe. I'm fighting the first pack down the hall, and I see my health steadily dropping. I finish the pull with about 1% health left.

I notice that the healer and one of the DPS are not in the immediate vicinity. It turns out that they are in the "safe zone" area using the machines to clean off the crappy drops that almost every mob drops in the run. It would have been nice to know that was where they were going, but I should have checked we were all there and ready before I pulled. We finish the run without further incident.

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