Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Found Them!

It has been a while since I ran into any asshats on my higher level toons. It seems that they all swapped factions and rolled alts. I was pugging on my goblin shaman and found them. I zoned into a Wailing Caverns already in progress, in the middle of an actual fight. The run was already half over, which was fortunate because I don't know if I could have stayed for a full run. The healer would not stop commenting on how bored he was and he may go low on mana because he "needed" to DPS. It was distracting and got real annoying real fast. If you are bored healing and want to DPS, queue as DPS. Or turn off the computer and do something else. Like play in traffic. I DPS sometimes when I'm healing too, but healing is my priority and I don't let myself or someone else die because I'm too busy doing DPS to toss out a heal.

I was able to pick up the dungeon quests when we had to go back to the entrance to start the escort for the final boss, but I wasn't able to complete them on that run. I was hoping to get them done on my next run, but it was another "in progress" dungeon. This one did not have any issues. I managed to get some done, but I still needed the first two bosses. My next run ended up being Shadowfang Keep. I managed to get the quests done and we cleared the run nicely. I was wondering why there wasn't a level 20 quest at the shaman trainer, and requeued.

I hit the asshat trifecta. Clueless tank in DPS spec with a two-hand weapon - check. Healer in DPS spec - check. DPS pulling - check. I got a Shadowfang run in progress that was just a train wreck. I had to heal myself on the first boss, and even when I let the tank get solid aggro I had to throttle myself to keep from pulling off of him. The pulls went something like this: the "tank" pulls one mob, the warlock another. The tank, healer, and myself kill that mob while the druid DPS goes bear and he and the lock burn down the other one. It was a total clusterfuck in the dining hall before the second boss.

After the second boss dies, the healer drops group. Druid DPS starts asking if he can tank, over and over. We finally requeue. The "tank" selects Tank, DPS, and Heals. The druid selects Tank and DPS. The former tank is now the healer as a retribution pally, the druid is now the tank, and the trigger happy warlock drops out of the group. We requeue again, and we get another DPS. We sit around and do nothing. I finally get fed up with the paladin's asshattery and initiate a vote kick. It passes and we get a real healer.

We make our way to the last boss with no problems, and then things go south. The druid gets killed and we wipe. He drops. We get a new tank, and proceed to wipe three more times. We did manage to get the boss to 124 health on the last one. If the healer had popped one damage spell we would have made it. The tank, the healer, and one of the DPS drops group. I've had enough and drop group. I ride up the hill to repair my gear and notice the other shaman trainer. This one has the class quest I was looking for earlier. I guess it would be too much to ask to have the class quest available at all the class trainers.

The next day the pugs went a lot smoother. I managed to get through Stockades and Blackfathom Deeps with the same group. All smooth runs. I did forget to loot a quest item. This left me with unfinished quests in Wailing Caverns, Shadowfang Keep, and Blackfathom Deeps. Instead of tempting fate with asshat pugs, I decided to let my last pugs remain a good pug and logged onto my level 61 Orc deathknight. I boosted my shaman through the dungeons to finish the quests.

I'm dreading the upcoming Gnomer pugs.
I did a little bit of questing on my warrior and paladin to replace my outdated gear before I start tanking on them again.


Hunter 85
Deathknight 85
Rogue 85
Priest 85
Warlock 84
Mage 84
Druid 84
Warrior 62
Paladin 61
Shaman 24

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