Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Around To It

I finally rolled a shaman. I had previously purchased the helm and back when my main's guild hit 25, and I picked up the chest and shoulders at the JP vendor. It took a while to clear out the placeholder's bags (it was my auction mule), but once I was finished with that I got to work on the new character. I picked a goblin that wasn't too ugly and mailed my care package of heirlooms, bags, and gold.

I'd previously played the goblin starting area, but I never completely finished it. It was a lot of fun, and after a few Brewfest quests my level 14 elemental shaman was sitting in Orgrimmar. I did a few quests outside the back gate to hit level 15. I hit the dungeon finder and got Deadmines. Turning in the quests after the run rewarded my second ding.


Hunter 85
Deathknight 85
Rogue 85
Priest 85
Warlock 84
Mage 84
Druid 84
Warrior 61
Paladin 58
Shaman 17

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