Friday, September 30, 2011

Nine Times the Fun

I managed to get my druid to 84, giving me nine shots at Direbrew. I did heal the first two or three dungeon runs, but I switched over to boomkin for questing. I queued up as DPS while zipping through Hyjal and Deepholm, and managed to hit 84 about halfway through the latter. The last bad pug I had on this toon was one of my last Wrath runs in Hall of Lightning.

After clearing the first boss and the last platform before going through the furnace area, the tank and one of the DPS ran up the ramp to the other side of the room and pulled the rest of the trash. They both dropped group. The tank had seemed a little squishy, but he wasn't very hard to heal because I had started collecting Cataclysm greens for my druid earlier. Between those greens and the heirlooms, I was overpowered for almost anything. Fortunately the remaining two DPS took the same route, and we easily survived the attempted wipe.

While we were waiting for replacements, I looked up the asshats on the armory and wasn't the least bit shocked at what I saw. Three quarters of the gear the tank was wearing was either PvP gear or INT gear. The DPS was mostly PvP. Go figure. We got a real tank and DPS in short order, and quickly finished the run. I dinged 80 and left Northrend on another toon.


Hunter 85
Deathknight 85
Rogue 85
Priest 85
Warlock 84
Mage 84
Druid 84
Warrior 60
Paladin 58
Shaman 0

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