Friday, September 16, 2011


Most of the PuGs this week have gone quite well. There have been occasional hiccups where I’ve zoned into dungeons already in progress and expected a bad run, only to have everything move along without any problems. The vast majority of runs have been populated by people being nice and having fun. It has been great from a gameplay perspective, but it doesn’t leave me with anything to rant about here.

I did spend a good fifteen minutes in the DPS queue on my mage, only to zone into The Oculus where I had to wait another ten minutes to get a full party. When I got there, the first boss was dead and the rest of the party was at the drake cages. By the time I had gotten to them, the healer had dropped. Then the tank dropped group. After a minute another DPS dropped. I mounted my bronze drake and waited with the other DPS.

After the long wait we were rewarded with a healer that mounted another bronze drake. We suggested that he would be better served on a green one and he swapped it out. Our new tank had done this one several times in a row, and the last DPS had never run this particular dungeon. What could have been a horrible experience was instead fun and a helpful learning experience for the DPS that hadn’t been here before. We stayed grouped together for another random run after we easily downed Eregos. We breezed through Gundrak before I had to call it a night.

On my druid, I hit the jackpot. In my party was the stereotypical WoW jackass. It was a deathknight named Blood (with special characters in place of the o’s). He was not the tank. He pulled the first group of mobs before we even got the preliminary buffs out. During pulls, he would either death grip more adds or death grip one of the pack the tank was trying to round up. I don’t know why the tank didn’t say anything, but I stopped healing his stupid. He managed to stay alive, and when he let the tank initiate the pulls I started healing him again. I figured that he learned his lesson.

I was wrong.

When we got to the Maiden of Grief, he rushed in a got aggro on the boss. The tank managed to pull the boss off him before he died, and he must have used death strikes to get his health back up because I wasn’t about to heal him. When the bad stuff hit the floor, I popped hots on the entire melee – including the jackass. The tank pulled the boss out of the bad and to my surprise the jackass didn’t continue to stand in the bad. He did, however, back up and death grip the boss.

I let him die. I had given him a battle rez earlier in the run before I comprehended the totality of his jackassiness. The tank didn’t taunt the boss back. I guess he had finally had enough as well. After we drop the boss, I rez the jackass and we move on. He manages to pull agro on the last few mobs before the final boss, but is able to stay alive without my healing him. The intellect plate pants drop off the final boss and everyone rolls greed (no disenchanters on this run). One of the other DPS wins the roll. In chat the jackass says “give them to me”. The DPS that won just \lol’s at him and drops group. I resist the urge to verbally abuse him, and just silently thank him for making it easy to add him to my ignore list.

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