Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Summer's End

The last wekend of the summer was spent mostly traveling for a cookout with my family and a birthday/going away party with my wife's family. I took off Tuesday for a longer holiday weekend, but I didn't spend very much time playing. The weekend call to arms was Warsong, and I pretty much hate that battleground. I only did one, and even though we won I didn't enjoy it. I did a random on Tuesday, and after a lopsided loss in EotS and a confusing loss in Alterac I managed to get a win in a pretty quick Alterac match.

I don't think I can do more PvP than trying for a win on a daily random as I don't really enjoy it at all. I went back to healing PuGs and did six of the seven for the week. All that XP, plus a new set of bracers to boot! I did the Stormwind daily fishing and cooking quests, which pushed me up to level 75. The previous night I powerleveled jewelcrafting using supplies from my army of alts. I was going to finish and max it out, but mother nature had other plans.

We were just finishing dinner, when we heard a loud bang and the lights went out. I looked outside and saw something odd in the middle of the road. Closer inspection revealed it to be an insulator used to keep the power lines separate and supported on the main steel cable between the poles. There was another one on the ground, and a trail of them up and down the street. Further down the street, I could see a tree had fallen taking out the power lines and a parked car. Fortunately there were no injuries.

We had a supply of flashlights and candles and such from the hurricane prep last month, but there would be no WoW that night. After being serenaded to sleep by the dulcet tones of the neighbors generators and the power company's chainsaws, the lights came back on around 4 AM. Say what you will about the power company, they've been doing one heck of a job lately. After the hurricane, more than a million people were without power, and they manged to get it resolved rather quickly. They manged to get power restored to my street in little over eight hours, in the dark during a storm. Epic win in my opinion.

Hunter 85
Deathknight 85
Rogue 84
Priest 84
Warlock 78
Mage 75
Druid 75
Warrior 55
Paladin 54
Shaman 0

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