Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays

With the holiday crunch at work and home, what better way to spend my little free time than the holiday crunch in WoW. Running eight characters through the Greench daily takes up a considerable amount of time. Most of the downtime during the flight to Chillwind Camp is used for taking care of real life things, so at least I get something accomplished while waiting for my usual reward of a racer or paper zeppelin.

I now have difinitive proof that the RNG hates me - I have gotten two of the pets from the daily, and both were on the same character (not my main). The wonderful peeps at Blizzard have decided to make these BOP instead of BOE like the other holiday pets, so I will still have to grind out the daily. I am hoping that fortune will smile upon me and land me one of those nifty new daggers for my rogue!

I did manage to somehow trick the RNG in my second LFR run, and was able to get rid of my last blue piece when I won the roll on the tier shoulder icon. My main is now fully epic! I did run into my first official asshat in the raid. I can understand checking recount and calling out those who are doing nothing at all, but to troll about DPS on the spine fight (which is NOT a DPS race) is a bit low. After several wipes on the last fight, he dropped group. We got another healer and finished Deathwing on the next attempt. I guess the weak link was finally removed...

I did play some of my 10x85 toons - I managed to get my paladin to 70 and suited up in my new crafted gear. I tanked a group through Utgarde and then healed a few runs on my shaman. Hopefully I will get some more free time over the holiday to play more. Or get a copy of SWTOR for xmas!

Hunter 85
Deathknight 85
Rogue 85
Priest 85
Mage 85
Druid 85
Warlock 85
Warrior 72
Paladin 70
Shaman 45

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